Title: Informatics
Code: N424I0_4B
Semester: 2
Study supervisor: RNDr. Martin Nehéz, PhD.
Responsible lecturer: Š. Boor, M. Gall, K. Chudá, N. Krivoňáková, M. Nehéz (2016/2017 – Summer)
Š. Boor, M. Gall, K. Chudá, N. Krivoňáková, A. Maťašovský, M. Nehéz (2015/2016 – Summer)
Study program: Automation, Information Engineering and Management in Chemistry and Food Industry
Department: Department of Mathematics
LMS Moodle:
Type of Course: laboratory exercises
Lecture: 0-0-2
Number of Credits: 2
Type of evaluation: classified record
Concesutive evaluation:
Final evaluation:
Course Plan:
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B: seminar time schedule

C: specialised seminar time schedule

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