Autor(i):Jelemenský, M. [40%] – Paulen, R. [40%] – Fikar, M. [15%] – Kovacs, Z. [5%]
Názov:Economically Optimal Control of Batch Diafiltration Processes
Economically Optimal Control of Batch Diafiltration Processes
Názov knihy:IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control
Adresa:Hyderabad, India
Anotácia:An economically optimal operation of batch diafiltration processes is studied. The processes are characterized by complex membrane transport models that adequately describe non-ideal membrane characteristics of real-life systems. We consider the optimization criterion which comprises two conflicting objectives, a minimization of processing time and a minimization of solvent consumption. The problem is treated in the multi-objective form in order to investigate the impact of operational cost factors on optimal operation policy. Thanks to the application of Pontryagin's minimum principle (PMP), we find the economically optimal operation of studied process in the analytical form. Developed methodology is applied to two case studies taken from literature.
Kategória publikácie:AFC – Publikované príspevky na zahraničných vedeckých konferenciách
Vedný odbor:Automatizácia a riadenie
Vložil/Upravil:prof. Ing. Miroslav Fikar, DrSc.
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